Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions for PureInsights Business Intelligence (aka PIBI for short) our web based reporting tool that comes standard as part of PureInsights Historic (access to our historic database of your Genesys Cloud detail and custom data).

How do i access pureinsights business intelligence?
  1. Genesys Cloud US-East Region: bi.mypureinsights.com
  2. Genesys Cloud US-West Region: usw2.bi.mypureinsights.com
what Troubleshooting can i try with PureInsights Business intelligence before contacting support?

Our goal is always self-service. Here are some pointers and a few things to try before contacting Support. We might refer you back to this entry with a suggestion to try these first, so please mention to us if you have already tried them.


We generally test with Chrome and Firefox on PCs and Macs. If you are using a browser different from these you might try in Chrome or Firefox first.


Hold the shift key while clicking refresh on your browser. We might have pushed an update that you have not yet picked up with your browser.

Sign All the Way Out
  1. Sign Out of PureInsights Business Intelligence (lower left corner) and also Genesys Cloud. Login to Genesys Cloud again and then PureInsights Business Intelligence.
  2. If you frequently log into multiple Genesys Cloud orgs, we ask that you please try one more time from an incognito/private browser session where you login to Genesys Cloud first and then PureInsights Business Intelligence. Genesys Cloud can cache some login information and this is the easiest way to be sure we are not having an issue with it.
PIBI Results not matching Genesys Cloud

More often than not there is a difference in the time zone you are vieweing in Genesys Cloud vs. PIBI. We spend a lot of time and effort at PureInsights matching our Queue and Agent Performance Reports to insure they match with what you find in Genesys Cloud > Performance > Queues and Agents. Remember that Genesys Cloud is looking at summary data API endpoints while PureInsights gets to our results using the detail data. The data range you selected in Genesys Cloud and the time zone of your browser and also the time zone you have configured in PureInsights Business Intelligence must all line up for the numbers to match. If you did anything with raw SQL or a Calculated Field that adjusts for time zone, that can also cause differences.

There are also a couple of cases where your report might use logic that is different from how Genesys Cloud calculates a particular metric, such as SLA, Avg Hold and Abandons. We can show you how to match and also provide some options depending on your business objective. Please contact us for more details.

Still having an issue? See the next section on how to report it to us.

Scheduled Reports are not delivering

Make sure your email addresses are separated by commas and there is nothing except the actual email addresses in the list, such as this example: joe@site.com,sally@company.com,arman@organization.com

Scheduled Reports deliver but the files are Blank

If the PDF or Excel attachment is blank, it is possible you scheduled your report to deliver before our nightly synch process completed. Example: I’m using US-East with Genesys Cloud, so processing for PureInsights is scheduled to complete by 6am ET. Schedule your report to delivery at 6am ET or later to get the report results as expected.

How do I report an issue or question about PureInsights Business Intelligence?

More is generally better when you have issues with PIBI. Here are some things to send us when you email our support team:

  1. Please review the FAQ to see if we have answered the question (we expect this page to grow quickly so you might want to bookmark it).
  2. If you have a question about data you might first review the PureInsights Data Dictionary (requires a valid PureInsights subscription and also Genesys Cloud credentials to access this page).
  3. If you are looking at data from PureInsights and Genesys Cloud and have questions, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please create a screenshot so we can clearly see:
    1. Genesys Cloud including the date range you have selected on the report and results that you are asking about.
    2. PureInsights Business Intelligence report and the date range you have selected and results.
    3. When you email us, please tell us what time zone you are in and also let us know what time zone you have selected (click the “gear” next to PureInsights Business Intelligence at top-left of your browser).
  4. Include the full URL link to your report in PIBI.
  5. Provide some details about what is happening and what you have tried.
  6. Email all of the details to support.