Here’s our obligatory list of Frequently Asked Questions for PureInsights offerings. Not finding the answer you need? Please contact us. Sales and Support are generally initiated via email for best response.


PureInsights Business Intelligence (PIBI)

Please follow the link to access our dedicated PIBI FAQ page.

PureInsights Real Time Configurable Dashboard for Genesys Cloud

How do I activate a 30-day risk free trial of the PureInsights Configurable Dashboard for genesys clou?

We try to make it easy.
No, really!
If you’re already a Genesys Cloud user and want to try our opt-in, no obligation, 30 day free trial of the PureInsights Configurable Dashboard, check out our free trial page.

How do I activate my subscription for PureInsights?
  1. After you subscribe you should get a couple of emails from us including a receipt and an activation email.
  2. If you have access to more than one Genesys Cloud org, you might want to log out of them first to insure you activate the subscription for the intended Genesys Cloud Org.
  3. In the Activation Email, click the Activate button.
  4. You will login using your Genesys Cloud credentials to allow us to determine your Genesys Cloud org.
  5. See the regional links below to access PureInsights from the proper location.
What are the Regional links to access the PureInsights Configurable Dashboard and Call Detail CSV Extract?

The link used to access PureInsights depends on which Region you use for Genesys Cloud.

  1. Americas (East) using mypurecloud.com: https://apps.mypureinsights.com
  2. Americas (West) using usw2.pure.cloud: https://usw2.apps.mypureinsights.com
  3. Americas (Canada) using cac1.pure.cloud https://cac1.apps.mypureinsights.com
  4. Europe using mypurecloud.ie (note “ie” at the front of the link): https://ie.apps.mypureinsights.com
  5. Europe using mypurecloud.de (note “de” at the front of the link): https://de.apps.mypureinsights.com
  6. Europe using euw2.pure.cloud: https://euw2.apps.mypureinsights.com/
  7. Japan using mypurecloud.jp (note “jp” at the front of the link): https://jp.apps.mypureinsights.com
  8. Australia, New Zealand and Asia using mypurecloud.au (note “au” at the front of the link): https://au.apps.mypureinsights.com
  9. Canada using cac1.pure.cloud: https://cac1.apps.mypureinsights.com/
How do I setup the user in Genesys Cloud so they can access PureInsights configurable dashboard?
  1. Assign a Communicate or Collaborate (Genesys Cloud) license.
  2. Want to take the easy route? Simply assign the Supervisor Role. Note the user will also be able to run reports.
  3. Prefer to limit permissions to only the bare minimum? Subject to change as Genesys Cloud evolves:
    1. analytics:conversationAggregate:view
    2. analytics:conversationDetail:view
    3. analytics:conversationProperties:index
    4. analytics:evaluationAggregate:view
    5. analytics:queueObservation:view
    6. analytics:userAggregate:view
    7. analytics:userDetail:view
    8. analytics:userObservation:view
    9. outbound:campaign:view
    10. routing:queue:viewrouting:wrapupCode:view
  4. If all that is good, you assigned the Supervisor Role and you still can’t access the dashboard, maybe try a browser refresh, close/restart try again?
How do I verify I have the correct permissions for the PureInsights Configurable Dashboard?
  1. Visit https://apps.mypureinsights.com/#/mypermissions
  2. Verify you see all of the permissions listed above.
How do I configure GENESYS Cloud with the PureInsights client app integration?
Follow the steps for Client App Install instructions using the appropriate regional link:
  1. Americas using mypurecloud.com: https://apps.mypureinsights.com/#/client-app-install
  2. Americas West using usw2.pure.cloud: https://usw2.apps.mypureinsights.com/#/client-app-install
  3. Ireland using mypurecloud.ie (note “ie” at the front of the link): https://ie.apps.mypureinsights.com/#/client-app-install
  4. Frankfurt using mypurecloud.de (note “de” at the front of the link): https://de.apps.mypureinsights.com/#/client-app-install
  5. Japan using mypurecloud.jp (note “jp” at the front of the link): https://jp.apps.mypureinsights.com/#/client-app-install
  6. Australia, New Zealand and Asia using mypurecloud.au (note “au” at the front of the link): https://au.apps.mypureinsights.com/#/client-app-install
Why don’t I see callbacks in my call detail CSV when we’re using them with callers?

In the Call Detail CSV Extract that comes bundled with the PureInsights Configurable Dashboard, your Media Type in the report will only show as Callback for web-based callbacks. If a caller waiting for an agent while in queue and selects a Callback, these calls will be marked as Voice. The Call Detail CSV only captures the first Media Type of the conversation. For more advanced reporting needs around Callbacks generated from callers opting out of Queue, please consider our Enterprise Reporting solution, which includes a Hosted SQL Database. Callbacks resulting from an initial Voice call will show up in a Segment of the overall Conversation and our SQL Database Offering captures all of the Segment detail to meet these types of enhanced reporting needs.

Why can’t I pull more than 1 month of data using the Call Detail CSV Extract?

Genesys Cloud limits API requests to cover a duration no more than 31 days. If you want to get more than a month, use the Custom date range and break it down in chunks less than 31 days.

What if data from the CSV Extract seems to be inconsistent with genesys Cloud?

Would you mind sharing these reports with us all covering the same date/time range and Queues where you’re seeing the discrepancies?

  1. PureInsights Call Detail CSV extract
  2. Genesys Cloud Interaction Details
  3. Genesys Cloud Queue Metrics Summary
  4. Along with a detailed description of the issue: what data is missing you’re expecting to see, etc.


How are Intervals defined in the PureInsights Configurable Dashboard?
  1. Widgets: Intervals are measured in 30 minute increments, just like Genesys Cloud
  2. Charts: configure to show the last 8 days, 8 weeks, or 11 hours.
How do I configure an alert for the SLA widget to include 100%?
To get an alert to include 100% SLA, set “less than” to 101. Yeah, we goofed on the boundary setup.
Do you have a data dictionary for the Call Detail CSV Extract?

Yes. Here’s the Call Detail CSV Data Dictionary (click to access).

What should I do to report an issue with the configurable dashboard?

Support is initiated via email and we’ll make these request of you to help us isolate the issue and resolve. For quickest resolution, please copy/paste this list into an email and provide answers to the questions along with the requested screenshots.

  1. Initial steps to help resolve and isolate and please verify to us that you have tried each of these. Following these is to help determine “if it’s you or if it’s us”:
    1. Are there any current issues with Genesys Cloud? Please check https://status.mypurecloud.com to verify (link opens in new tab).
    2. There’s a chance we pushed an update recently – could you first try holding the shift key while clicking refresh on the browser to insure you’re using the latest from PureInsights?
    3. Does the issue persist when you access the PureInsights dashboard a different browser?
    4. Please open an incognito browser window and login to PureInsights. Does the issue persist? If not, you might have to clear cookies and your browser cache.
    5. What users are effected? Just one or all users/dashboards? If it’s only 1 user does the issue persist if you log into another machine?
  2. Still having the issue? Please provide all of the following details. Note: we are unable to effectively troubleshoot your dashboard issue without everything listed and requested here):
    1. If the dashboard isn’t updating, about what time did it dashboard stop? Please clarify your time zone.
    2. What part of the dashboard isn’t updating, which widget? Which Queue(s) are configured for that widget?
    3. Are all stats missing or just some? Details are helpful.
    4. Please provide all of the following 3 screenshots:
      1. Genesys Cloud showing the data that is not matching with PureInsights
      2. PureInsights dashboard showing the data not matching Genesys Cloud
      3. Config screen for the PureInsights widget so we can see the setup
    5. Are there any errors in the Browser console? We need the text of these errors.
      1. For example, to access the Browser Console in Chrome on the Windows operating systems you would press shift + CTRL + i and a panel will appear on the right.
      2. Be sure to click on the Console tab.
      3. If there are errors please expand them and copy/paste into the email response.
    6. At the menu at the top right can you select “Download Support Data” and send us the debug file
What licensing is required with Purecloud and are there any limitations with Concurrent logins for the dashboard?

Remember PureInsights uses the Genesys Cloud login, which simplifies administration. Since the dashboard configuration is tied to a Genesys Cloud user, it follows wherever you login: computer, wallboard or mobile. Genesys Cloud only allows 5 concurrent sessions with the API for a single user. So, if you want to setup a Genesys Cloud user called “Sales Wallboard” or something like that and log that user into 3 separate computers that are projecting on 3 different wallboards, it will tend to work out peachy keen. However, if you have 5 wallboards or more you’re going to run into an issue if you ever login to a 6th machine to alter the wallboard configuration. Genesys Cloud will logout one of the other sessions. Side effects common with this use case:

  1. Dashboard stats are not in synch.
  2. Genesys Cloud login screen appears on one or more dashboards.

For wallboards, we generally recommend setting up a separate Genesys Cloud user, even if you’re only displaying on one dashboard. Let’s say a supervisor in the contact center sets up a dashboard tab called “Wallboard” in their dashboard configuration and then logs into a computer connected to a wallboard with their same username to display the Wallboard tab. This will work great until the supervisor logs out of their computer or shuts it down. The same behaviors described above can result. It is possible to use a GC 1 license if you follow these steps listed on the FAQ under How Do I Setup the User in Genesys Cloud so They Can Access the Configurable Dashboard?

What if my Agents On Queue widget doesn’t match PureCloud?

First, holding the shift key while clicking refresh on your browser will insure you have the latest PureInsights loaded. The best way to get the correct number of Agents on Queue is to create a single queue and put all of your agents in it. It doesn’t cost any extra and you won’t be routing interactions to it. Use just that one queue in the Agents on Queue widget. Apologies it’s a little more administrative overhead but it’ll get the job done. If that doesn’t do the trick, please let consider the following:

  1. Does Genesys Cloud report an accurate number for Agents on Queue? Sometimes when we hear about a problem with the Agents on Queue widget it’s because Genesys Cloud is not accurate.
  2. If you can verify Genesys Cloud is accurate, are you using multiple queues in the Agents On Queue widget? It’s possible more than one of those queues have the same agent as a member. If this is the case, the count in the widget will be higher than expected. To solve this create a queue in Genesys Cloud and put all the agents in it and use only that queue in the widget. Just name it something like PureInsights so people know it’s not getting calls routed to it.
What data security is there?
  1. Configurable dashboard and CSV Extract: We access via HTTPS. We do not store passwords for the dashboard – the customer uses their Genesys Cloud Credentials and oauth2 to validate their login.
  2. Hosted Database offering: Data is encrypted at rest in the database.
Does the data remain between PureCloud and my company? In other words, Does PureInsights store any of my customer data?
  1. Configurable dashboard and CSV extract: data is transitory for PureInsights, meaning it is not stored within our servers beyond the ability to calculate and display.
  2. Hosted SQL Database offering: stores data in an Oracle Database hosted within Amazon Web Services. We provide a secure connection string to our customer.
What type and version of database do you use for the Hosted Database Offering?

Oracle 11g, hosted in AWS. If you’re considering subscribing, here’s how it works:

  1. Activate a Subscription either with your Genesys sales rep (for the best price) or sign up right here on our site (and you can covert to your Genesys Cloud subscription later if you prefer).
  2. Assign the Dev Role in Genesys Cloud to the user who will activate the Hosted Database Subscription, because we have to create an oauth client.
  3. You’ll get a couple of emails from us including a receipt and an activation link.
  4. Click on the activation link and follow the steps. As long as you have the Dev Role assigned, this should be just a few clicks. Easy.
  5. You’ll get a follow-up email from us with a secure login link, but don’t click on that as it doesn’t take you to an actual website. The email contains all of the necessary info such as server, port, username and password to connect to the database with your query or BI tool of choice.
Why does my monitor display widgets stacked on top of each other in a single column?

Normally you’d expect to see this type of behavior when accessing PureInsights from the browser on a mobile device. The layout on the widgets is dependent on the resolution of the monitor displaying it, more specifically how many pixels are available in the browser.  Any resolution less than 768 px wide is going to display in the narrow column format.  If you’re seeing this on a computer display, to resolve try expanding the window wider until the widgets spread out again.


Are there any known issues with the dashboard widgets?

A couple of things on our radar that might not act quite as expected, but are largely still usable:

  • Refresh on stat widgets is between 5-7s, charts up to 30. We introduced these delays to address browser performance issues with large numbers of Queues, high volume and/or large numbers of agents. We might introduce some options to tune based on your setup, but those are road map and not currently scheduled.
  • Color-coded alerts currently can’t be set for Time widgets such as Average Talk Time, or for decimal values.
How Are GDPR requests handled?

Any GDPR data requests should be sent to pi.support@mypureinsights.com


Can I use the PureCloud Wallboard license with the Dashboard?

The wallboard license can be used for users of the dashboard.  This license type includes a subset of all available permissions so some data might not be available if the needed permissions are not included in the license.  Known widgets affected by this are the wrapup code widget and campaign stat widgets.

Why is my Genesys Cloud API Usage for PureInsights Real Time Dashboard so high?

The likely culprit is our Top Wrapup Code widget, which uses the Genesys Cloud Conversation Detail API endpoint. Getting this sort of detail CX data in near-real time requires additional API calls per conversation. The more users, dashboards and Top Wrap Up Codes widgets you use, the higher the demand on this particular API endpoint. Your options if you feel the API usage is too high are:

  • Suggest users minimize their use for the number of Top Wrap Up Code widgets on their dashboards.
  • Contact us to request we disable the Top Wrap Up Code Widget for your org.

In the event Genesys makes additional APIs available to make getting Wrap Up Codes easier in real time, we will look to add that effort to our product road map.